$ 129.00 USD

This bar is crafted with delicious carob, sweet figs, and crunchy hazelnuts infused with highly praised adaptogenic ayurvedic herbs, like ashwagandha, gotu kola, turmeric root, amla, moringa, and ginger which maximize the body's ability to resist stress, calming the mind while increasing immunity, energy, and vitality in all body systems. Replenish and fuel your dreams (life)!

Ingredients: Cashews*, Maple Syrup*, Hazelnuts*, Cashew Butter*, Sunflower Seeds*, Date Paste*, Figs*, Sesame Seeds*, Carob Powder*, Cocoa Butter*, Ayurvedic Herb Blend* (Ashwagandha*, Turmeric Root Powder*, Moringa*, Gotu Kola*, Amla*, Ginger Juice Powder*, Turmeric Juice Powder*), Vanilla Extract*, Sea Salt (*denotes Organic)