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In 2005, Pure Bliss Organics was founded with the goal of making energy bars and bites, granola, and gourmet nuts. After developing expertise in small runs of energy bars and granola, we opened production to third-party brands in 2017. Today, we put the same amount of care into our wholesale co-packing partners brand as we do our own. We are committed to creating a product that supports your vision, especially for certified organic products.

We are a GMP-certified company with HACCP Protocol, and we can create or co-create your whole food bar, bite, or granola in accordance with food certifications and dietary requirements in mind.  After finalizing a recipe, which we can help you develop, we then do a trial run. We have the capacity for a range of production volume, from runs as small as 2,500 up to 100,000 per month. 


Contact us for more details:

info@pureblissorganics.com or call:

Jon Morgan (770)579-7665 Ext 1