It is not just for happy tree huggers! As a snack, in a parfait, or in countless other ways you may choose to consume it, we have grain free/Paleo options, low sugar/ date sweetened options, and traditional favorites. Elevate your moments!

Organic No Sugar Buzz Granola - Original Cashew Raisin
Organic No Sugar Buzz Granola - Cocoa Cashew Butter
Organic No Sugar Buzz Granola - Cashew Cranberry
Organic Naughty But Nice Granola
Organic My Fav Granola
Organic Harvest Maple Granola
Organic Grain-Free Granola - Maple Almond Clusters
Organic Grain-Free Granola - Carrot Cake
Organic Grain-Free Granola - Acai Banana
Organic Cashew Butter Hemp Granola
Organic Banana Bread Granola (Nut Free)